Major Festivals of Asia – What Are They?

늑대닷컴 is a traditional annual event usually celebrating a particular community or institution and centered around any cultural characteristic of that community or institution and usually focusing on some feature of that institution and its belief or customs. It can be marked as a national or local holiday, festive event, or special cultural event. There is no exact date for any festival; it depends on the calendar of a country. For example, the Chinese New Year falls on February 14 in most of the Chinese regions. A festival may also be called a cultural event, but not necessarily, since a festival may have various characteristics of both a religious and non-religious character.

Christian festivals are marked with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and include many Christian activities and events like parades, processions, prayers, meetings and conferences. Many churches hold religious festivals to strengthen their witness to the faith. The Bible festival marks the beginning of spring after Christmas and is one of the most awaited events by Christians all over the world. Some other important religious festivals include the Hindu celebration of Diwali (also known as Lohri), the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Fitr and several others.

There are different types of religious festivals, which mark a significant event in the life of a religion or community. In India, for instance, Hindu festivals mark something like Purnima or Maghrib (January). They are also a part of the Indian New Year celebrations. In Indonesia celebrations include such activities as Bakkut andbolgan, Mehndi, Gunung Batur and other interesting cultural events. There are also Chinese festivals such as the 4th day celebration of Spring Festival and the 8th day celebration of the full moon (Lunar New Year).

Christian festivals include the Id celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas. These are annual Christian festivals held annually around the globe. They are mostly held annually in countries that have large Christian communities. The Chinese festivals of Spring Festival and the Great Chinese New Year are held annually around the globe and are among the most attended religious festivals. Both the Hindu and Muslim festivals mark significant dates in their respective calendars, which they commemorate with great grandeur and enthusiasm.

Jewish festivals mark the special moment when the Jewish community celebrates the birth of their God, Jesus Christ. They also mark the end of fasting during the Ramadan. Buddhist festivals include the four-day Buddhist holy week, which begins with the opening ceremony on Friday and concludes with the closing ceremony on the same day. Islamic festivals mark special days like the fasting day of Ramadan, which is one of the three Islamic holy days.

Chinese festivals celebrate various aspects of Chinese culture including the lunar cycles and the calendar. Some other Chinese festivals include the New Year Festival, which is also celebrated with much fanfare and gaiety. In the 21st century, the Tientsi Festival marks the start of Chinese New Year. This festival marks the beginning of spring in China. Many other Chinese festivals are celebrated with great zeal and energy around the world, with great joy and excitement.g

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